Simple & fast

Certipad is the perfect tool for people doing electrical/Energy audit. It's an easy to use multiplatform (available on Android, Windows, iPad) tablet software that allows control agents to encode directly audit form on the field. Control agents only need to select the right answer or can take a picture, it displays directions to next appointment and clients can sign directly on tablet and receive a copy of the report directly on their email and it's really easy to use.


Custom forms & reports

With Certipad create your own template to fit your business needs. With an esay to use interface create your own form or we create it for you during the setup. You can create a new version of an existing form and deploy it on all the fleet with the push of a button.

Easy Integration with your business

Certipad integrates easily with your actual ERP, so you keep your actual tools and the known data are pre-filled (client name, address, ...)
We can study your current tool and create a custom software to export your data to the tablets.

Main features

  • Direct encoding of audit form on the field
  • Gather information from the field on tablets
  • Know data are pre-filled (client name, address, ...)
  • Control agents only need to select the right answer
  • Take pictures (automatically added to the right file)
  • Signature by client on tablets Real-time PDF report output
  • Send report to client by email
  • Displays directions to meeting on Google Maps
  • Remotely dispatch technicians to field appointments
  • Reports are stored 5 years in secured database
  • Multi-platform solution available on Android, Windows, iPad
  • Paperless (no more double encoding)
  • Customizable audit forms
  • Connects to your ERP
  • Quick & easy Work offline
  • Secured storage Photos
  • Cloud-based

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